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Old Barn - Across from Duff Church - Largie


Old Barn.jpg

Colonel Thomas Talbot settled on the north shore of Lake Erie in Dunwich Township in 1803. He sold lots and many of the Scotch made their homes in the rugged woods of north Dunwich. They cut down massive oaks, chestnut, pine, maple and walnut trees to build their homes, barns and churches.

All that remains of this hand-crafted barn across from Duff Church, Largie is parts of the roof and the wonderful hand hewn beams. This building was so well crafted and joined that it weathered over a century of storms and strong winds. Just like the folks of North Dunwich, it stood the test of time, as did the ancient old pine trees that bracket the barn.

I can’t help but wonder what the next hundred years have in store for the farmers of Dunwich and Elgin.

I think they too will weather the storms of our time and come through strong and true. Jenny

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