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A Pair of Farm Horses



Long before the tractors and other farm machinery were invented the only source of power for the tiller of the soil was sheer muscular power. Men, women and children all worked from dawn till dusk in the fields, the barns or sheds.

First to help lighten the work load was a yoke of oxen, then a team of horses. Steam power created great change too.

Everyday farmers liked horses because they were intelligent and adaptable to change. Most farmers didn’t own pure bred registered stock but rather had rag tag teams of draught horses or mules. Sometime they even put the buggy horse to work in the field as well.

These are the heads of a team that work hard day in and day out. Love them for their strong bodies and big hearts. Hope you will too. - Jenny


16 X 20” original oil on Masonite

circa late 1970’s or early 1980’s. – NO PRINTS

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