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Ewe and Her Twin Lambs


Ewe & Her Twin Lambs.jpg

I spent a year in a wheel chair in our inaccessible apartment and I survived the isolation thanks to some great friends, a fantastic husband and my family. I was able to carry on with my art work but time did hang heavy. One day in early spring our friend Steve Ferguson came upstairs. He was not alone. He carried a very young lamb up for me to see and feel. What a surprise, not only for me but my poor cat almost had a heart attack when Steve set the lamb on the floor. Its little hooves clattered and then when the lamb bleated the cat arched and every hair stood at attention she hissed and screeched and then took off behind the couch. She has never seen anyone other than humans in her whole life. What kind of alien was this!! Steve took Dave back to the farm with him to photo a special family. One of his ewes had just given birth to twins. Here is the proud mother and her young offspring. I am now able to get around much better, albeit still with limitations but I have not forgotten Steve’s kindness from that day. I don’t think the cat has forgotten it either.

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