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Belgian Horse Heads


Belgian Horse Heads.jpg

Richmond Farms, Newbury, hosted "Horse Days" so the public could see how farmers tilled the soil and planted crops before the gasoline engine tractors came into use. Dave and I felt like we were transported back in time. Everyone talked about the "Good Old Days" but from what I observed, the "Good Old Days" were filled with hard work.

Oxen and later heavy draught horses helped lighten the load for the pioneer farmers.Horses like these beautiful Belgians.

I've always been partial to Belgians because my father plowed at matches with them.

My grandfather called sorrel Belgians 'the showgirls' because of their glitzy platinum manes and burnished copper well muscled bodies accented by their white blazes and stockiings. Show girls or not . . .

I love them!  - Jenny

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