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~Original Available
~300 Signed & Numbered
Limited Edition Prints
Tinkering on Old Massey-Harris #81 Tractor

Ken took some agricultural courses in St. Thomas at the collegiate that was later named Arthur Voaden Secondary School, later going on to Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph to study agriculture and then agricultural economics. While he attended both Galbraith became a reporter for the St. Thomas Times-Journal. When Ken began a new page for farmers was initiated and Ken wrote a regular column and interviewed top-notch farmers of the region. He often went to the fields and interviewed the farmer on the spot or in the dairy or while they readied for market.

I thought this painting of the two ploughmen chatting could have been Galbraith conducting an interview out in the field, so I used part of the painting on the front cover of “Does It Pay?” – over two hundred interviews that Galbraith wrote during 1925-1932.

Hope this painting brings back some great memories for you. If you are interested in reading the interviews Galbraith wrote, “Does It Pay?” is available on-line at or by emailing

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