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3 Cobs of Corn


3 Cobs of Corn.jpg

Corn was a staple of the aboriginal people as well as the pioneers and still a favourite throughout Ontario. Thousands of acres are grown each year in southern Ontario. Corn has so many uses from feeding cattle, making corn syrup, corn meal, and scientists have even made paper and fuel from corn.

My personal favourite is corn on the cob.
There is no finer summer meal than to sink one’s teeth in a steaming cob of golden kernels s lathered with melted butter and salted.

A perfect companion to round out the meal is slices of rosy red tomato slices, thin pieces of summer sausage and homemade biscuits. To round off the meal if you still aren’t full have a bowl of fresh sliced peaches and cream or fresh applesauce made from yellow transparents. M-M-m-m it makes me hungry just writing about it.

Check out a farm gate produce stand for fresh farm grown Ontario produce. It’s the best. - Jenny

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