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The Lanz Bulldog.jpg
The Lanz Bulldog

Dave and I made a day trip to the former Agricultural Museum at Milton, ON. No longer under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture, this not-for-profit is operates as Country Heritage Park. The passionate, dedicated board of directors and the volunteers, along with various organizations like the different tractor clubs and the heavy Horse Assoc. of Ontario have done an excellent job. The admission was only $7 per adult with a senior discount that Dave and I took advantage of. The CHP hosts several annual events including a heavy horse day with demonstrations of plowing, mowing, binding, threshing and horse drawn wagon rides. Check out their website for an events calendar at www.countryheritagepark,com

We took in the antique tractor show that featured the Ford Tractors for 2010. We hopped on the tractor drawn wagons that took us around the park. The other tractor clubs had displays as well as this very different old timer. I had never seen or heard of a Lantz Bulldog.

I googled “Lantz Bulldog” and this is what I found on Wikipedia:

“The Lanz Bulldog was a tractor manufactured by Heinrich Lanz AG in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Production started in 1921 and various versions of the Bulldog were produced up to 1960, one of them being the Lanz Bulldog D 9506. ... A few years after the Bulldog was discontinued the Lanz name fell into disuse.“

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