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P&I cockshutt30.jpg
cockshutt 20.jpg
The Cockshutt 20
Plowman and His Cockshutt 30

“Elgin County Plowing Match Collection” – 2009

This print is part of my 2009 Elgin County Plowing Match Collection.

The county held their match in 2009 at the farms of Tom Bradish near Talbotville.

Dave and I got up and hurried through breakfast and gathered our cameras and loaded my scooter. We were off and what a fine day it was.

The turn out of plowmen was excellent. We had a wonderful day and these pen and ink sketches are a good record of this event. 2010’s county match was held on Sparta Line in August. We went for an hour but then had to leave to get to Milton for the heavy horse event at the County Heritage Park, but that’s another story. I loved both the antique horse plowing and the many and varied antique tractors and plows.

Such an assortment to please any and all fans particular fancy!  - Jenny

cockshutt 30.jpg
The Cockshutt 30

Cockshutt Farm Equipment Co. of Brantford has a very interesting colourful history beginning in 1877. Cockshutt built quality equipment and sold several makes of tractors. By the 1920’s Cockshutt was ahead in the soil cultivating equipment and began to manufacture their own tractors. The Cockshutt 20 Deluxe was available in the mid to late 1950’s. The 20 Deluxe featured two-tone paint (cream body with red engine, frame and grille), padded seat, rear exhaust, and a different steering angle. The selling price at that time was $2,300.00 USD.

I have a passion for agricultural equipment including tractors, steam engines, horse-drawn equipment and tools. I am fortunate enough to know some good people with wonderful collections in various stages of restoration. Some have only one or two in their collection while others have built special drive sheds and barns to house their “babies” Once a year or so, my friend Bill & his wife Marjorie, his daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter bring out the collection and polish each and every one. They are generous enough to allow friends and neighbours the pleasure of examining all these. To me the tractors are works of art from a bygone era. Thanks Bill and family.

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