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Corn Crib on Marsh Line - Dunwich


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Corn Crib.jpg

Dave and I often travel Marsh Line on the way to his sisters or when we go to West Lorne.

I like country roads because there is so much to see.

We spot Red-tailed Hawks, pheasants, wild turkeys, geese and ducks not to mention families of white tailed deer. The fields, the swampy areas and the bush are different every time we motor down the road.

I loved the look of the old corn crib and the little sheds, the trees and the field.

Because we live with these images every day we tend to take them for granted. I hope scenes like this will be here for my children and their children to enjoy as much as Dave and I do.

Our rural landscaping is changing and I want to record what we have here and now.  - Jenny 

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