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Bradish Barn – Glanworth



Old bank barns are rapidly disappearing in southern Ontario. Large scale cash crop farmers are buying up farms to increase their land acreage. Many of these barns were built for housing livestock and their feed. The structures, in some cases, have not been maintained either because of the cost of material or for lack of affordable man power. Tom Bradish recently re-clad his barn with freshly milled pine boards and also added an addition. This purpose-built annex was not for livestock or feed rather it was erected to house his ever growing collection of John Deere tractors. Tom & Helen Bradish, Mike Bloetjes, Doug MacVicar, Paul Laidlaw and Dennis Brown , all collectors of old tractors, sponsor “Ploughing Days”. This year Tom & Helen are hosting this event in Glanworth. All proceeds go to the Elgin General Hospital and the Belmont Lions Club. I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to exhibit and sell my pen & ink prints of old tractors, steam engines and barns to name a few. The best part was they housed me in the new barn annex with some of Tom’s John Deere Tractor collection. Perfect. Thanks to all. I had to document this event with this sketch of Tom & Helen’s re-clad barn.

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