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Old Tobacco Barns - Pioneer Line


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Old Tobacco Barns - Pioneer Line.jpg

I was running late as I pushed our old Econoline van down Pioneer Line west to Rodney for a swim meet. I had a van full of swim competition gear as well as the entire Dutton swim team. I noticed a particular scene that I had been eyeing for some time. The sun gilded everything with a magical golden hue so I quickly pulled the van over to the shoulder and parked. I grabbed my camera and started shooting scenes of the old tobacco barns. Tobacco was first farmed in the western end of Elgin around the turn of the century. That was so long ago but the memories live on. The barns are now torn down but I can see them still in my mind every time I drive west on Pioneer Line. Life is so fleeting we have to capture the now, because who knows what tomorrow holds.

While I was lost in the wonder of the scene before me, my frustrated daughters and the other swim team members were changing into their swim suits behind make-shift beach towel privacy screens. The girls kept calling “Mo-th-er, how could you? Now? We’ll miss the meet and lose by default!!!”

I took the shots I wanted and scampered back to the driver’s seat and fired up the van. The team members and their towels flew into the van and we arrived with minutes to spare. By the way, the team won their races. I like to think it was because I had them all pumped up and ready to go. Great memories.

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