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Tom Penhale’s Belgian Team – Bayfield Fair



Tom Penhale was a wonderful friend. He raised Belgians and made wagons. He made a special wagon for a client that included carvings of a six horse hitch and a wagon on each side. The client insisted that all the hardware be solid brass. There were brass lanterns on eachside. Walt Disney searched the world over to find a master wagon maker. They found him in Ontario’s quaint village of Bayfield. Tom was commissioned to make a black carriage for Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. Disney sent gilders and stripers to add the finishing details. Tom had an opportunity to go to Florida and see the carriage hitched  to stunning black Percherons. Beautiful!!! . . made in Canada!

This sketch is Tom with his Belgians along with one of his earlier wagons competing at the Bayfield Fair circa late 1970’s or early mid 1980’s. I had a blast there . . . of course there were a large number of horses at the fair. I love horses. - Jenny

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