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Tripod and Maple Syrup Caldron


Tripod and Maple Syrup Caldron.jpg

Lake Whitaker, Elgin County in winter during an early thaw is a great place to take kids that are full of energy and totally bored. Our kids had been cabin bound for almost a week due to stormy weather and when we awoke to birds singing, eaves dripping and sun shining, they wanted out. We went to Lake Whitaker Conservation Area and let them run loose but within sight. There were horse drawn rides, several different displays of the history of syrup making and then the best, samples of syrup and maple sugar toffee.

Here’s hubby, Dave, trying to get a sample of the sweet stuff from the cauldron. “Too hot to touch, Dave!”  We did take home some syrup for our pancakes and each of us had a piece of maple sugar candy. Yum! Yum!

We hiked around the sugar bush and spotted cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, nut hatches and woodpeckers. Some squirrels scampered about chattering at the blue jays. We finally all piled in the car and headed for home. The trip home was very quiet, two kids were sleeping and the other two were lost in their own thoughts. What a great day! Try it some time. I’m sure it hasn’t changed that much over the years. - Jenny     

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