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The Bee House


bee house.png

I first saw the Bee House in back of the Elgin County Pioneer Museum, the former Dr. Charles Duncombe house, 32 Talbot, St. Thomas. The original Bee House was built 1828-1831 on the William Pearce Farm by an itinerate carpenter. In 1978 vandals incinerated the Bee House. Parkside Collegiate students replicated this structure and used reclaimed wood. In 2006 the Honey House (Bee House) was moved to Backus Page House Museum, just a short distance from the original Pearce farm. While this lovely little building looks like a Victorian play house it really had a practical purpose. Read more about the Bee House and Backus Page House Museum at or better still visit Backus Page House Museum on Lakeview Line in Dutton Dunwich, across from John E. Pearce Park. Check the website for their  interesting events and displays.

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