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Jersey Calf



I find Jersey calves to be so endearing.

The luminous eyes, the dark nose and that doe-like look of innocence and wonder get me every time.

My uncle Howard had Jersey cows and calves. I loved going out to the barn for a visit but I always had to watch how close I got to them. Not because they were dangerous but because they had a bad habit of catching the hem of my cotton dress or the satin ribbon tied in a bow at the end of my braids with their tongue and sucking on it. What a sloppy mess.
The only member of the Jersey herd I didn’t like was the big sire of the herd . . .the bull. This bull had a massive neck and shoulders and towered over us. His bloodshot eyes followed us as he snorted and bellowed a great deal and when he did the stalls shook. I kept well away from his domain.
Its great to remember those carefree summers I spent there on the farm. I enjoy sketching and visiting my past. Hope you do too.  - 

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