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Original & Limited Edition Prints Available

Original - 10 3/4" x 11 3/4"

Print Size - 10 1/4" x 11 1/4"

Garnet Solitaire - Red Trillium


Garnet Solitaire - Red Trilliam.jpg

Jenny writes: “When Dave popped  THE question in 1966 the diamond of choice was a solitaire . . .one diamond perched on top of a gold pedestal. Alas my fingers were too short and heavy (arthritis) that the style didn’t suit. Instead I chose an old fashioned setting that was exactly what made my hand look good and my heart sing.

Years later we were out walking in the beautiful Carolinian forest and ravines near Backus-Page House and John Pearce Park.

We were taking photographs of flora and fauna so when the cold winter winds blew, I could sit in my cozy studio and paint delicate woodland blooms while remembering our wonderful day in the woods. This lovely single red trillium, so alone amongst the other white flowers, reminded me of those solitaire rings and the deep red hue was akin to a garnet . . .ergo the title . .”Garnet Solitaire – Woodland Setting”.

When the sun shines and the birds are singing and the floor of the forest turns green dotted with blooming wild flowers, why not take a stroll on the many trails around Backus-Page and discover for yourself the beauty of nature and the woodland setting.”   TA! TA! For now.    - Jenny

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