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Burley Tobacco Curing Barn


Burley Tobacco Curing Barn.jpg

This old tobacco barn is located on Highway 3 in Kent.

You can smell the sweet tobacco and smoky scent for miles when the barn is drying and curing the Burley tobacco.

To find out more about this type of barn, check out my book “Does It Pay?” 
The book has an article about this type of curing barn and how the tobacco was grown and harvested.

In the years 1925 – 1932 a young John Kenneth Galbraith worked as a cub reporter for the St. Thomas Times-Journal and shared the interviews with the readers. As a young scribe, Galbraith interviewed 214 farmers from southern Ontario and they tell him in great detail how they succeeded during tough times. He also wrote a column about the weather, crop conditions and anything else a farmer might be interested in.  - Jenny

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