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Backus Page House Museum



Backus Page House Museum on Lakeview Line in Dutton Dunwich was part of the original Talbot Settlement. Mary Storey was granted her parcel of land in 1809 and later her son Andrew was given the property where he built this house.

The land changed hands several times until Jonas Page purchased it in 1920. Today the Tyrconnell Heritage Society manages the land and the structures as a museum to educate and preserve the cultural heritage of the Talbot Settlement. While the Society leases the property, Backus Page is actually part of the John E. Pearce Provincial Park which now includes trails, a wetland with story boards, viewing platforms and a totally accessible trail. Other trails include the Canada Trail and the Spicer Trail which attract hikers and birders. For more info and events at Backus Page House Museum check out their website

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