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Lunn Barn - Dunwich


Lunn Barn, Dunwich.jpg

Stan and Mary Lunn are friends and former neighbours who now live in town. This is the back view of their barn on Lakeview Line in Dunwich. In the early 1980’s Mary and I were enjoying a coffee in her country kitchen. We were commiserating with each other about our plights. The Ford workers were on an extended layoff and money was tight. Farmers were experiencing tough times too.

Christmas was soon approaching and Mary worried whether she would have money for Christmas shopping. She wanted to commission me to do a painting of Stan’s dog but wouldn’t have any money until she sold her chickens with no assurance of sales and no time for me to complete a painting in time for the holidays.
I cried out “Never mind about Christmas! I’m worried about feeding my family!” We both sat there pondering life . . .and then suddenly the light bulbs went on. “Would you . .? Would you . . .?”, we said almost simultaneously. We bartered. I received 30 frozen chickens and Mary received a painting for Stan for Christmas. While barns like this are disappearing from our country side the country spirit is alive and well. Neighbours are there for each other and that’s the way it should be.

Thanks Mary & Stan for being good neighbours. – Jenny

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