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The Blacksmith

Original and Limited Edition Prints



Blacksmith original copy.jpg

Dave and I enjoy outings that celebrate Elgin County’s heritage.

We enjoy visiting Sparta in any season and this time we were off to Sparta’s Harvest Fest. The main street was blocked off and folks were strolling around in period costumes and attire. We marveled at Wade Davies’ strength as the local blacksmith, as he hammered a red- hot piece of metal on an old anvil secured to a wood stump. Wade glowed with perspiration and his forearms bulged with each downward stroke.

He made the metal bend to his will.

With the popularity of hand wrought iron accent pieces in the home and garden we are seeing more men and some determined women take up this age old skill and actually making a living with it. More power to them.

Further down the street was a lady sitting behind an old spinning wheel. Her foot tapped a beat with the spinning of the wheel and the twisting of the carded wool. She was suitably attired in an old-fashioned gown and lace edged dust mop cap.

I saw so much I itched to paint.

Watch for other Sparta Harvest Fest Paintings.

- Jenny

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