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I remember a line from an old Scottish ditty I heard when I was a child  “ . . . Oh . .Charlie is my darling . . .” and this Charlie certainly was.  Dave and I had taken the children to the great Lakes Fruit Farm on Union Rd. just outside Port Stanley, ON for our annual apple picking. The children always had a great time romping around the property picking apples and sampling as they went. Bob Lampman was there with his team of Belgian horses giving the public wagon rides. This time he had a surprise. His mare had given birth to this adorable colt, “Charlie”. Charlie was still nursing so he tagged along. I sketched both “The Tag-A-Long” and “Charlie” and over the years they have been two of my best selling prints. The only thing sweeter than Charlie was the hot apple cider and the warm aromatic apple baked goods for sale in the store. Just thinking about this makes my mouth water. I’ll have to go back to the farm for some more. . . . baked goods  . . . .and new material to sketch. – Jenny

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