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Master of the Hounds


Master of the Hounds.jpg

London Hunt Club

Dave and I left with camera, note pad and refreshments early one Saturday morning in the 1980’s. It was a truly awe inspiring morning. The sun had just risen, there was heavy ground fog and I felt like we were in Camelot as we slowly headed to the Youngblut farm outside of Delaware, ON. When we arrived, there were already numerous pickup trucks with horse trailers in the yard. I heard the snuffle of horses, the clink of the harness, the squeak of leather harnesses and the clatter of hooves. Hounds yipped with excitement. There was an air of anticipation. The Master of the Hunt gathered everyone together. He gave his instructions and the hunt was on! Tally Ho! This sketch shows the Master of the Hounds returning from the hunt with his tired hounds. It was a magical day I will never forget.

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