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Van den Dries Farm


Van den Dries Farm.jpg

I love this farm that sits on the hill overlooking Iona Rd. and Shackleton Line in Dutton Dunwich. The white house shines under the dark evergreens and the red barn is weathered by the sun and the wind . . . but still standing. At one time the Van den Dries family had a garden plot behind the barn and edging Shackleton Line. There was a sign naming the plot . . .The Garden of Weedin’. I’m sure it was erected by one of the young folks who were responsible for keeping the garden weed free.

This hardworking, family has several business interests but for me one of the best is right next door to our Village Crier Gallery. Sisters Candace Van den Dries and Katie-Sue Lahti and hubby Mark, opened Van Lahti’s Café & Eatery. They offer home-made baked goods, bread, fresh salads, soups, wraps, casseroles and breakfast all day. The décor is rural rustic and has a feature wall filled with pen & ink sketches of antique tractors and steam engines. There is a collection of stories to match the numbered prints so clients may read and learn about each image while waiting for their meal. This pen & ink print is a thank you to Van Lahti’s Café for allowing me space to exhibit my prints.  - Jenny                  Print is 11” X 17”

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