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Sheep Judging


P&I sheepjudging.jpg

“Sheep Judging” Wallacetown Fair Grounds One of my favourite places to find potential painting subjects is Wallacetown Fair. This wonderful historic country fair is full of colour, history, people and excitement. When my kids were teenagers they would argue about the excitement because they thought it was hokey. However, as adults they love to come back and connect with their roots, meet old friends and talk over old times. The children all love I the fair because Mom and Dad can afford to treat them to all of the rides, there aren’t that many and . . the kids love to see all the animals up close. This painting came about because their was a handy parking spot right near the sheep judging area and I had mobility problems. That year I didn’t get to see the heavy horses or a whole lot. Some times the weather was threatening and there was a chill in the air but you could smell the fried onions from the Lions booth and now and then a whiff of horse manure. Don’t laugh, I like all those scents because they trigger memories.
I like the shape and texture of the sheeps’ fleece and the way the shepherd’s control their sheep to show the best lines.
What do you like about the fair? Do you have special childhood memories of Wallacetown Fair? I do.  - Jenny

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