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Firewood Wagon


Firewood Wagon.jpg

Dave, my husband of fifty plus years, and I, like to go for drives. We always have our camera ready for images that may be used as reference for a pen & ink sketch or painting.

On one of our many drives we left Dutton travelling east on Shackleton St. I turned left on Iona Rd., then a quick right on the 5th line. I came to a stop just past the lane of the first farm. Dave was puzzled as to why I stopped. I had him take photos of this old wagon loaded with firewood. Wagons like this were often seen in days of yore but not so much these days. I loved all the imperfections and the rustic nature of the whole thing. I remember gathering firewood with Dad and my siblings. We had an old wood/coal furnace. Dad always saved the gnarly hardwoods for the last load in the furnace at night. Even as kids, in those days, we worked hard, then we played hard, ate well and slept like a log. A lot to be said about those days. Hope my art brings back fond memories for you too.   Print  is 11” X 17”

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