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Clyde  &  Dale



My good friend Jerry Galbraith is very community minded and has a great sense of humour. A year or so ago at the Wallacetown Fair, Jerry brought his cuddly looking miniature donkeys, Clyde & Dale. The donkeys were brought out and tied to the trailer. Jerry was attired in formal Scottish attire and of course he felt the donkeys should be suitably clad. He had commissioned Yvonne Brooks, the upholsterer, to make two custom kilts that wrapped around from neck to tail and back. Jerry fastened each with a fun-fur sporran and chains under the neck, then pulled out footless hose and pulled them on over each dainty foot like dancers’ leg warmers. His friends showed up with bag pipes and Clyde and Dale were piped around the race track in the parade, much to the delight of the audience. Jerry and crew won a ribbon. I loved the look of these two; they remind me of the expensive stuffed toys made by Gund. Hope you like them too.

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