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Donald Graham & Marianne


Donald Graham & Marianne.jpg

Wallacetown Fair wouldn’t be the same without Don Graham and his Percheron horses. Don once delivered milk in Dutton. He has given hay rides for years at Christmas time throughout the village and can always be see showing at the fair. The truck in the background is just as familiar as the horses, as McDonald Trucking has been here forever.

What would we ever do without them?

Mary Anne is braiding the mane and adding the fancy ribbon pieces.

I fondly remember my father’s father sitting down on a kitchen chair with me standing between his knees while he braided my hair. He would ask what kind of braids and how many I wanted. Did I also want ribbons and where? He was accustom to grooming horses and told me a little filly like me wasn’t much different with two exceptions. I didn’t bite him nor did I kick and stomp my feet on his shins and toes. After I was done I received a linseed lozenge or a scotch mint. Yum! Yum!

Those were the days.

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