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Dutton - Dunwich Elementary School


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The Dutton-Dunwich Elementary School was once a high school that replaced the old yellow brick Victorian era school that sat on the corner of John St. and Miller Rd. in the village of Dutton.  When we moved to Dutton in the early 1970’s the school gymnasium was still used for social functions like dances and community dinners such as the Robbie Burns supper. The local Board of Education changed their policy and soon the school was no longer the social centre of Dutton.

All four of my children and later three of my grand kids have attended this school. When my children went there we knew each and every teacher personally, they too, had grown up in Dutton – Dunwich and many were our neighbours. They knew each child and their families and knew if there were stresses at home. Today is a much different picture and I don’t know if it is for the best. This has happened across the province as the school boards centralize the location of larger schools and close others servicing smaller communities. I liked the old way but then I am old and more set in my ways. – Jenny

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