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GT Pickup Truck


P&I truck.jpg

In the 1980’s Dave and I went to the Brigden Steam Show. I would display and sell my paintings and prints to the public outdoors. I took my 35 mm camera with me every where looking for material to sketch and paint. I had four young children and Dave worked shift work at Ford so I had to paint in my studio/kitchen while the kids slept and Dave worked.
This particular year they had some fine antique steam engines, and antique John Deere, lug tired tractor and many walking plows and this wonderful GT pickup circ 1923?. I loved it. The model T’s they made back in those days was so adaptable. If a farmer took off the back tire he could hook up a drive belt to power equipment. Trucks like the GT were very useful around a farm. 
It’s wonderful that there are men and women out there who find old pieces like this and restore them and share them with all of us. A wonderful glimpse of the way we were.  - Jenny 

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