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Elgin Beef Cattle



I love to drive with my husband, Dave, along the county and township roads of Elgin  soaking up the colours and images of rural Ontario.  We were looking for beef cattle grazing in fields adjacent to the road so we could get some good shots. We found several fields with a variety of cattle. This particular group was in Southwold on Dave and Kandy Brown’s farm. Kandy, my sister, isn’t aware that their cows posed for me. Look at the Hereford checking me out. We probably looked very suspicious to her/him? What were we doing lurking at the edge of the field? 

I think these were all Mommas in this field. My David, when he saw the photos thought they were dairy cows because he noticed the one had an udder. The only beef cattle my Dave ever saw at the Psych Hospital farm were steers. I laughed at him, his father at one time was farm manager at the St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital farm and the family lived in an old farm house on the grounds. I explained about the birds and the bees  . . . . and the cattle. You have to have Momma cows in beef herds as well as dairy and with beef cattle Momma cows had to nurse little bull calves so they could grow up and be transformed into steers . .  . . . . thus the udder. We both had a good chuckle over this. I hope the cattlemen have a sense of humour too.

Jenny appreciates and honours every farmer who labours 365 days a year to put food on our table._______________________St. Thomas Times-Journal, October 29, 1927 - “We have the soil and the climate and the feed for producing the best and healthiest stock in the world. We are only now beginning to wake up to this fact. For this purpose there is no better country than the county of Elgin. Above all else, we have the farmers of high intelligence who can do this delicate and difficult work.”  - John Kenneth Galbraith writing as the Farm Page Man in the St. Thomas Times-Journal  -  quoted from “Does It Pay?”

An original acrylic painting on canvas by Dutton artist, Jenny Phillips, commissioned by the Elgin Beef Farmers to present to Ron Lackey, on his retirement from

the Ministry of Agriculture and Food – June 25, 2015

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