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The School Bus


School Bus.jpg

When our forefathers came to Canada, they hewed clearings out of the Carolinian forest, built homes, planted crops and developed farms. As more came small communities arose and in those hamlets and crossroads one room schools were built that served as, in many cases, churches and social centers. As the communities grew and prospered there was a movement to centralization for bigger and better schools and soon most children in the country were bused to these schools. Farms too had grown from subsistent farms to prosperous entities and then to businesses. With mechanization of farms and the high cost of agricultural equipment many farm wives and even farmers themselves needed employment off the farm . . .a second income to help defray the high cost of farming.

The school bus, for many, was a secondary source of cash that left enough time to get some of the myriad of chores done before the next bus run. I applaud every farmer who labours so hard and long to put food on our tables.

When my four year old grandson saw this painting he called it “Be careful, Go and STOP!!” I asked him why.

He said . .”Look grandma . .the school bus is Be Careful, the trees are Go and the shed is STOP!”

His lesson at school that day was about crossing signals and

Gracin was an apt student.

This scene was just outside Melbourne on Hwy. 2

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